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The Autism Youth Action Team will enable up to 30 young people aged 12-25 with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) to work with artists to create a dynamic collection of participant's personal stories, that will challenge negative perceptions of autism.


The aims of the Autism Youth Action Team are to:

.              Enable young people with autism to tell their own story through film and creative projects.

.              Generate ideas for Creative Visible and Kind community-facing projects

.              Improve the perception of autism and empower young people to create positive ways to express ideas about

              the condition.


The project will start with a flexible on-going series of digital film and animation workshops. These workshops will help us  to get to know the participants, while creating a series of short films about identity, hopes, dreams and aspirations. These workshops will be designed to enable participants to develop a relationship with their own condition & affirm positive self-image. The Youth Action Team will then go on to develop and deliver a community facing project which will be 'Creative Visible and Kind', to change the world for the better.


This project marries OYAP's extensive work with young people with autism and our partnership with Autism Family Support Oxfordshire. The project allows us to bring both organisations experiences together to empower autistic young people to have a voice in their local community, & through the website and social media, with the wider community.


Through this project we aim to explore how autism as a unique condition is linked to personal identity. We hope to find different ways to express and share these experiences of living within a universe that is different, rather than ab-normal.


People with ASC often struggle to understand others and be understood themselves. They can be treated as odd and different because conventional verbal communication does not allow them to express themselves fully. They often use the words they hear to understand the thoughts/intentions of others, which puts them at a great disadvantage in a social world where people rarely say what they really think and/or mean. Thus they are often excluded from participation in the range of 'usual' social activities, hindering their development at school and in employment.


The project will challenge prejudice and increase understanding of the condition giving the young people opportunity to express themselves and have a voice on their own terms.

We are grateful for funding from the Newman's Own Foundation for the first phase of this ambitious new YAT.

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