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At OYAP Trust we have specialised in devising irresistible participatory arts projects for the most vulnerable of young people, which has given us an appreciation that to all young people education and participation is optional and that engaging education has to be entertaining.  We have developed an expertise in understanding what makes high quality effective engagement with young learners.


We work with only the most effective and dynamic artists who are able to put their art form and talents to the purpose of bringing out the best in the young people. We always have fun, we always listen to young people, we always put them in the creative driving seat.


We have delivered hundreds of projects in a wide range of settings, and have shared our experience internationally. Projects like Pimp My Bike, Electric Circus, the travelling graffiti wall, theatre and dance residencies. The Studio cART, Media Mousetrap Films, The Digital Challenge, Zero Footprint, recycle and reuse fashion, rock school, to name but a few.

"The session was arranged to meet the young people’s needs. You were able to change the plan, and let some young people spend all their time doing one thing, and others could move about if they wanted".

Engagement of Josh – "different people taking an interest in him really worked. He wasn’t being prejudged, so didn’t close up as he would normally do, and would normally be expected to do by people that know him. You opened up options for him really well and he responded really well".

"You could see by the end of the day that people who came in closed and shy physically looked better, smiling and making eye contact".

"It gives me confidence. A lot of time I think ‘I’m no good at that sort of thing’ – then you find out you are!"

"It broadens my horizons, I have never been good at ‘art’ before – it’s given me self-esteem."

"It’s [being creative] helping me grow, helping me grow up better."

"Being confident in my own thoughts, being creative helps this."

Talk to us about devising an irresistible project in your setting, we would be overjoyed to

work with you, and come up with the perfect project for you.


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