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Fragments is a ground-breaking arts project, designed to help young people across the country deal with the trauma of parental separation and divorce. OYAP Trust believes that the arts are a fundamental tool in coping with the effects of family breakdown. Using forum theatre, film-making, vlogging, creative writing, blogging, animation and music, the young people are encouraged to explore their family situation by producing creative ways in which to express and share their feelings.


To equip them with the tools of expression, young people work with inspirational artists to learn new skills from drama and poetry to film-making, from concept to creation.


OYAP Trust delivers this project in partnership with Oxfordshire Family Mediation (OFM) and phase 2 is being supported by The Big Lottery.


Half of all young people’s parents will be separated or divorced by the time they are 16, and without the right support, this is single biggest risk factor to a young person under-achieving in school.

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This project is made possible by:

children in need ofm

Oxford Family Mediation

A generous individual donor who would prefer to remain anonymous

If you believe that creative thinking can help you or your school, if you would like more information, please get in touch with [email protected]


If you believe in the importance of this work and are able to make a donation to OYAP to help enable us to deliver Phase 2 of Fragments, please contact [email protected], or visit our Support Us page. Thank you.

Phase 2 of the Fragments project involves working with schools across Oxfordshire to create resources to support other young people who have experienced parental separation and divorce. Fragments sees artistic expression as an integral outlet from which to further identify and challenge the conspiracy of silence that often surrounds this delicate subject. The young people involved in the project will design and build a website for and by young people and create the resources to help other young people across the country and beyond. As a result of their involvement in Fragments, many young people have created thriving support groups in schools across Oxfordshire.

Lottery Funded