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Cemetery Road,


OX26 6BB


Tel: 01869 602560


The Youth of Bicester (YoBs) are a group of young people who are interested in creating exciting projects for their small town of Bicester.


This year Positive Activities Fund have awarded the YoBs funding to create a new  project; 'I Am BoB.' Inspired by "Humans of New York" the YoBs will publish a book that includes photos and stories told by the interesting people of Bicester. They will comb the streets of Bicester talking to strangers about their lives and obtain fun anecdotes, memories and insightful tales. The YoBs are very passionate about this project as it brings together a wide range of arts forms and creativity. Furthermore the YOBs' aim is to bring the community together through getting to know the people who work, socialise and live in Bicester and presenting each story in the 'I Am BoB' book which was released on 20th April 2015.



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I am BoB

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