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Museum of Kindness

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Bicester's Pop-Up Museum of Kindness was a partnership project between OYAP Trust and Oxfordshire Museum Services in which young people worked together with arts and heritage professionsals to create a pop up museum exploring Kindness in Bicester Town centre! The project ran for 4 week over the 2017 summer holidays. The project aimed to challenge young people to think about kindness in new ways while gaining heritage and arts based skills.

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The project included:


- Master classes in exhibition design

- Workshops on professional object handling

- A day trip to the Oxfordshire Museum Services store in Standlake

- Object handling session with the public

- Creating a pop up museum for the public in town

- Exploring the history of kindness in the community

- Mocktails, laughs, teamwork and more!!


The team met once a week every Thursday over the course of August to work on the final exhibition, they select objects, wrote display cards, asked questions, designed display and curated the exhibition space. They  produced marketing materials and promoted the event.


The group delievered an object handling session to the residents of Hanover Gardens, a local over 50's residence. The group spoke to them as well as the public about ideas of kindness, what it looks like in todays world, in our lives and in the past. The result the groups discovered  that kidness is an extremely complex subject but one which most people want to talk about.


The exhbition was in stalled in OYAP Trust's Studio space in the centre of the town for a single Saturday. During the day over 130 audience members passed through it is doors, looking at the range of objects on display, discussing the complex nature of kindnness with the young team, contributuing to the ongoing reflective activities taking place across the space and adding to a final tapesrty artwork, run by artist Charlie Henry. The tapestry is on permannent display in the Bicester Library.

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