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Summer 2014 saw OYAP partner with Yellow Submarine Charity and Witney Hub to create new project for 6 weeks where young people can explore a range of art forms surrounding the theme Superheroes.


The young people unravelled a story in the form of a comic book, each chapter supported by a new art form, allowing them to devise and explore their own superheroes.


Chapter one explored the idea of creating their own worlds for their superheroes and visioning what they would look like.

Chapter two encouraged the young people to design their superheroes costumes and masks using crafting and textiles techniques.

Chapter three recruited a storyteller to explore all the superheroes coming together to fight away baddies.

Chapter four the young people discovered villains and used to drama to create their own scenes; superhero VS villain.

Chapter five a photographer helped the young people to fly over their cities or even have mid-air battles with their villains.

Chapter six saw the young people celebrating their final week as superheroes through the medium of light graffiti.


Each chapter saw lots of great pieces being created, which were captured and set up in a magazine format ready to be printed. This magazine will demonstrate the young people’s work, whilst showing their progress and development throughout the project. Each week will provide children with a new skill.

The magazine will be available to browse from the week commencing 22nd September. (Watch this space!)


Superhero Special

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