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October half term 2014 saw a fantastic achievement by the young people of Oxfordshire. Inspired by the hugely popular Frozen film, OYAP presented a theatre, dance and set design project.


Young people were transported into the world of Arendelle where they spent two days singing, acting and dancing. Imagining themselves as Elsa, Anna, Olaf and even the adorable trolls, we ensured that they had a fun and exciting two days. Alongside performing, the young people had the opportunity to design and create their own icy world to really bring their performance to life.


Thank you to our sponsers...

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This fantastic opportunity was aimed at children aged 7-12 years old. Our artists are qualified and energetic professionals who ensured the workshop was as creative and engaging for all young people as possible. iWe had many born performers and those trying to come out of their shells. Young people experienced performing as part of a cast, set design, making new friends and learning life skills such as teamwork and communication.


Here is what the young people had to say:

"It was the Best experience ever"

"I really like the people, I made 1 friend and I really like the dancing and singing and of course the teachers"

"I really enjoyed it. It made my half term more fun"


"Fun, exciting, creative. I loved doing the set design."


We are hoping to run UnFrozen again in the new year as an after school activity so for more information, or to get involved, please contact Amie: [email protected]