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Office Address:

OYAP Trust, The Courtyard Youth Arts Centre, Launton Road, Bicester, OX26 6DJ


The Studio Address:

The Studio Bicester, Unit 2 Crown Walk, Bicester,

OX26 6HY

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Whats On:

Arts and Crafts Explorers Club:

4.30-6pm | Monday | @ The Studio | Start Date: 8th May | £100 per term (10 sessions) | Ages 7-12

Young Artist Club: Are you a budding young artist? Could you be the next Michelangelo? Develop skills in painting, sculpture, drawing, printing and crafts in our young artists workshops.


Led by artist Tamryn Wiese



Youth Theatre:

The Twits Pantomime Project

5.30-7pm |Wednesday | @ The Studio | Start Date: 3rd May | £100 per term (10 sessions) | Ages 7-12

The Twits Panto Project: Take part in a pantomime! Join us as we adapt Roald Dahl's The Twits into a pantomime exploring this theatre style through drama, dance/physical theatre and song. Use the concepts of narration, audience participation and song and dance to create a fun, energetic and hilarious version of The Twits.  


Led by theatre facilitator, Amie Johnson


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Digi-Arts: Retro Robots v2.0

4.30-6pm | Thursdays | @ The Studio | Start Date: 4th May | £100 per term (10 sessions) | Ages 7-12

Retro Robots 2.0: Retro Robots returns fully charged up and updated for a new term.  Build and customise your own solar-powered robot! This term we will investigate coding, circuit building and engineering principles while we build our robots. Experiment with the digital arts like animation, photography, green screen and music manipulation to create a short film and share your robot with world!


Led by Adam and the Robonauts from Cooper School


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4.00-5.30pm | Fridays | @ The Studio | Start Date: 5th May | £100 per term (10 sessions) | Ages 7-12

Join a band with our junior  rock school. Bring along your own instrument or play one of ours and learn to play alongside other young musicians. Have fun and gain skills in a creative and friendly environment. No experience necessary.


Led by Bicester’s best young musician, the soon to be world-famous Jack Little!


Junior Rock School:

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5.30-7.30pm | Fridays | @ The Studio | Start Date: 12th May | £100 per term (10 sessions) | Ages 12-17

Write and record an album, with our expert session leaders, and develop your performance skills, meet other young rock musicians, form a band, in our sessions for young musicians.


Led by professional musician Rob Gilmore


Rock School Studio Sessions


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Science and Arts Season

Explore the link between science, art and creativity with OYAP Trust.

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A word from Helen, OYAP’s Director:

Time Travel Machine: Design and Print Workshop

Monday 10th April | @ The Studio | £15

10.30am-12.30pm | Ages: 7- 10

1.30pm-3.30pm | Ages: 11-13

Learn about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the possibility of time travel, and then design your own Time Travel Machine. Use printing techniques to create artist prints of your designs. Who will be awarded the prize for “machine most likely to take you in the wrong direction through time”,

“machine most likely to implode on re-entry”, “machine most likely to get you there but not bring you back”?



Time Machine in 2 Days: Digital Arts and Crafts

Wednesday 12th - Thursday 13th April  | @ The Studio  | £50 (2 days)


Ages: 11-16


Design and build a working time machine in this workshop exploring the science of time.  

This project is an opportunity to think about quantum physics and predicting the future by looking at society now. It could be a rocky ride! The Time Machine installation will be fully interactive through digital technology (sound synthesizing technology, film, animation) and sculpture. Your Time Machine installation will be open to the public for a time-travelling limited time.


Led by festival artist, performer and maker, Miranda Bence Jones of Rimsky’s Bicycle Piano – Miranda has worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company and the House of Fairy Tales.


Meet the Time Travelers: Character Workshop

Tuesday 18th April | @ The Studio  | £15

10.30am-12.30pm | Ages: 7- 10        1.30pm-3.30pm | Ages: 11-13

In your time-travelling suitcase you will receive your scientific objects, clues to invent your character and use drama games and role play to explore who they are and where they’ve come from.  Hear about time travel experiments that have taken place throughout history, and to travel through time and meet various characters from the past and future.


Lizzy McBain, of Under Construction Theatre, will lead you through this character acting workshop.


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Wednesday 19th April | @ The Studio   | £15

10.30am-12.30pm | Ages: 7- 10        

1.30pm-3.30pm | Ages: 11-13

Discover if time travel is possible and how time travel has been represented in books by authors throughout history, and then create your own time travel adventure story. Have fun using a range of drama games to explore the idea of time travel including visualisation games, role-play and character activities to inspire your story.


Lizzy McBain, of Under Construction Theatre, is used to leading people through the Oxford Castle Dungeons on a theatrical adventure with her company of actors  – if anyone can help you travel through time and tell a great story, Lizzy can!


A Journey through time: Story Making Workshop

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As a charity, OYAP Trust aims to make participation in the arts accessible to any one who expresses an interest it. Should you find the cost of the project a barrier to taking part, we invite you to email us on