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(former St. Edburgs School),

Cemetery Road,


OX26 6BB


Tel: 01869 602560

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This project is made possible by the generous support of Sanctuary Housing

Witney YATs

Base 33 Lottery Funded

The Witney Youth Action Team is our newest addition to the OYAP's YATs. It consists of young people aged 11-20 years old who live in Witney.


In October half term 2015, the Witney group took part in a three day documentary photography project, with professional photographer Suzy Prior, which the group titled 33 Faces of Witney. The group took to the streets of Witney to get to know more about the people in their local community. They started conversations with 33 different people and asked to take their photograph. The project aimed to celebrate the unique and interesting people of the town and help to build a sense of community spirit. It was also a chance for the local community to see young people doing something really positive for their town. The group also wanted to take interesting shots of places in Witney. All the information gathered during the project was created into a new website:


33facesofwitney web 1 web 2 web 3 web 4