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Youth of Bicester

The Youth of Bicester are a group of young people aged between 14-18 that aim to spread kindness through community missions. To do this, the YoBs host both youth and community events, undertake kindness missions and volunteer for local causes.  At the same time, they continue to develop ideas in the wider community to promote the Youth of Bicester....

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Bretch Hill YATs

The Bretch Hill Youth Action Team has been up and running for 2 years now. It consists of young people aged 11-20 who live in Banbury. With a new energy and passion amongst the young people, the Bretch Hill Youth Action team hope to challenge the negative stereotypes that can be affixed to young people..

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Grimsbury YATs

The Grimsbury Youth Action Team are a group of young people Age 12 – 18 living in Banbury. The team have worked with various community  groups from care home residents to preschoolers.  The Grimsbury Youth Action Team hope to challenge the negative stereotypes that can be affixed to young people and their community.

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Witney YATs

The Witney Youth Action Team meet at Base 33. It consists of young people ages 13+.

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Youth Action Teams


Pitt YATs

The Pitt Youth Action Team is a group of young people who meet once a month at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The group plan exciting and interesting events for other young people and the community in the museum, as well as, taking part in creative projects inspired by the museum's collection and exploring what goes on behind the scene.

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Gig Committee

The Gig Committee are group of young people in Bicester who create live music events for under 18's. The group aim to reignite the local music scene through offering young musicians the opportunity to perform alongside professional musicians while offering young people the chance to experience live music events.  

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Autism YATs Group

The Autism Youth Action Team will involve a group young people aged 12-25 with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) working alongside artists to create a dynamic collection of creative works. The project aims challenge the negative perceptions of autism and increase understanding of the condition by giving young people the opportunity to express themselves and have a voice on their own terms.

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